Daily Archives: December 23, 2007

Holy Cow! Catch up time…

My vacation home has left me overwhelmed and trying to get back into my usual routine. Still not ready to do regular blog updates again or knitting for that matter. (So sad, I’ve only knit a few rows on my latest project in the last week. Between being sick and everything else, I just can’t concentrate to do it right now.) That, and while home, I realized that I much prefer knitting when I have someone to talk to while I’m doing it. I’ve been trying to seek out a knitting group in this city. According to the phone book, this place is/was (?) a top producer of wool in the country. So WHERE are the yarn shops and knitters? Hmmm? Maybe they’re all hiding and I have to look a bit harder.

Anywho…some FOs are in order.

I finally finished the Manly Maze. There it is, magic orb and all. It turned out really well and I’m very pleased with it overall. The only thing I’d change is to add some more length to the sleeves. Lesson learned: check how they fit when arms are moved as well. May have helped if DH was a bit more accomadating during the try-on sessions as well.
Second FO is a Robin’s Egg Blue hat, made in the same yarn the pattern creator used. I plan to make one of these for a friend and maybe another in green for myself. Can’t get too far ahead of where I currently am though. My “to do” list is quickly running away with me and I have a list at least 20 projects long as it is.
Last FO is a fabulous One Skein Wonder that despite modifications, does not fit. Heartbreaking, in the most genuine sense. I’m too broad through the top of my shoulders. So when I make this again, I’ll make sure to start it wide enough that I can actually wear it. Tried to see if it would fit my sister better, as she has the same build I do but is a bit lighter. (When she was born, they thought 1) She was a boy and 2) she’d be a linebacker. So there you go.)

Now, I’m working on a lovely maternity cardigan, called the Petal cardigan and after, I have some presents to make for friends expecting babies in the near future. So I should be busy for some time. For myself, not sure if I’ll make my Green Gable next, or my Central Park hoodie. Hard to decide and not enough time in a day!