Time for more finished work

Because all the other bloggers seem to do it this way, I’m trying a slightly different format for recording my own.

Pattern: Monkey
Needles: US size 2

Overall, the pattern was well-written and enjoyable. I can see why Cookie A is so popular with sock knitters. Definitely makes it easy to justify buying a pattern or two of hers in the future. Part of me balks at the idea of paying $6 for a sock pattern, but well-written ones I think I can make an exception for. It had so many elements that I’m used to seeing in other sock patterns, but a better way to do them. The last couple of patterns I’ve done have been that way–so much better then the ones SWTC puts with their TOFUtsies limited edition yarns. I’m wondering if I didn’t do myself a disservice starting off with their patterns instead of ones like Monkey.

Yarn was also fantastic to work with. This and Lorna’s will definitely be go-to sock yarns in the future. It’s nice and sproingy. Has lovely stitch definition and subtlely stripes. I did not have any pooling anywhere on the sock this time. Was easy on the hands and felt nice to work with. Overall, lovely.

I forced myself to go slow with these and dragged them out an extra 3 days. On the one hand, it’s wonderful to be able to knit so fast: I get a lot of projects done and accomplished. On the other, I go so fast that I run out of project yarn quickly and that enables me to overbuy more yarn. While waiting for this baby and being able to knit all the projects in my tote, I’ve had to buy lots of yarn to keep me occupied. The more I knit, the more I want to. Have to say, it is one of the better things I’ve been addicted to doing!

Now I’m working on the larger Sausage dog for my son and wondering where I’ll go from there. I still have a lot of time to kill before I can think of starting those pullovers.

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