Alright, a picture

I’m finally starting to get my knitting groove back. The Green Gable is finished after one day shy of three weeks worth of work, I’ve started a Panda bear for my son, and I have yarn caked for my next couple of projects. Win all around.

Pattern:Green Gable
Needles: Knitpicks Harmony Interchangeables, size 6
Yarn: Cotton Fleece, color Rue

I’m still trying to decide how I feel about this one; it’s not horrible, but it’s not my favorite knit so far. I think the choice of neckline isn’t the best for me and I won’t be making a second of these. I’ll have to wait until I’m done nursing to decide about a few of the other issues I noticed, but I think that is the main culprit for them. The top appears to be a bit short, although I checked it I don’t know how many times when finishing it. Between trying it on when I finished it two days ago and today, the top seems to have lost about 1/2″ in length. Mysterious. It also pulls up when I lift my arms. This is why I need to learn to do short rows in the bust area. Lessons learned? Short rows and I will be good friends because I will likely never lose enough bust to fit standard pattern sizing. I have to stop putting off learning how to do them. For some reason, they intimidate me a bit and my eyes glaze over when I read directions on how to do them. Must focus.

As for Cotton Fleece, not my favorite yarn and after I do my two Rusted Root sweaters, I likely won’t use it again. It’s a bit rough and when worn against my skin it makes me itch a little from the slightly rough texture. (A good Soak may work that out though.)

These are my yarn cakes. Soon, they shall be a pair of Jaywalker socks (YarnPirate BFL in Cupcake), and a Shetland Shorty (Wollmeise in “Sleeping Beauty”), respectively. Yarn cakes are so pretty. Now if only my son would stop running off with them and pretending to eat them.

After a few more Me projects, I’ll need to start on the baby gift for my friend. So far, I plan to span at least two different crafts and it very well may be the Gift Package of Doom. What can I say? I get excited when my friends have babies.

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