Daily Archives: November 30, 2008

I was tagged.

I usually do not post memes or things like this on my knitting blog, but since I was tagged by SusanB, I’ll do it this one time. 🙂

1. I have slight obsessive compulsive tendencies, including a need to do things in groupings of five and all like objects must be grouped. If my knife handles are not all facing the same way, it bothers me until they’re fixed.
2. My favorite pizza is pepporoni with pineapple.
3. I have an obsession with bunny slippers and am on a quest to find or make the perfect pair.
4. I love to read boring non-fiction books like textbooks. If I’m learning, I’m happy.
5. I will put bacon on anything…ok, almost anything.
6. Most days, I do not change out of lounge/PJ pants; I have a great dislike for jeans and will avoid them until I absolutely have to leave the house.
7. I have aspirations to be a pattern creator, yarn dyer and “great” internet blogger.

I won’t be doing any tagging as the two people I know read this blog, already have done this meme or been tagged.