Daily Archives: December 17, 2008


Needles: Knitpicks Harmony Size 5
Yarn: Wollmeise Sokenwolle

As of yesterday afternoon, it was finally done! I didn’t hate this knit, but stopping part way through made me lose my steam. I’m glad I was able to resist the other yarn and projects calling my name to get this one done. Now I can be happy knowing I stuck it out. I’m happy with it and think I’ll get more wear out of it then some of my other projects and now that I know how much yarn my size takes, I know I have enough to make one more. I don’t plan to start it for awhile though. Modifications to the pattern include using the Large size for width but the Medium for height and then I subtracted 4 more repeats from that. Made as written, it would have been down to the top of my hips. We shorties need to be careful of that.

The Wollmeise was nice to work with, but not so nice that I’d stay up half the night F5ing to get my hands on more. I’d like more in the future, but I’ll try to wait until the hype around it has died down and all the ravenous Wollmeise hoardes realize they no longer have room in their homes to stash another skein. Seriously, this yarn is treated like precious metal and gems by some who have so much they’ll never knit it all. Good luck trying to buy it outright, you need more Wollmeise to trade for it. I lucked out and another user happened to see a post of mine and offered me a skein of hers if I promised not to reveal her identity. Wollmeise is serious business. (About as serious as Sundara whose lovers play the same dirty game: you want some, you have to fight them for it and grab any you can just to trade. It does not matter that you hate the color; you must have it solely to sit on and wait for a color you do like to come up for trade.) Forget hoarding cigarettes if the end of the world comes, grab all the Wollmeise and Sundara you can and trade for necessities later.

Anywho, a picture of my current project.

Malabrigo Silky Merino may be one of my new favorite yarns. MMMmalabrigo. I was afraid to get a sweater’s worth so I bought a single skein to try out. It is lovely. And this shade of purple doesn’t hate my skin, so I will be purchasing more in the future. I love purple, always have, but most shades do not play nicely with my skin, which is a shame. Plum Blossom, I dream of you as a sweater.

Now back to petting this yarn and marveling at how nice and squishy it is.