Daily Archives: December 26, 2008

2OO8 wrap up

With the New Year being days away, I can safely say that all of my 2008 knitting projects have been completed and it’s time to look forward to the next.

So what did I get done in 2008?

  • 7 Hats
  • 7 Adult Sweaters
  • 7 Pairs of Socks
  • 6 Knitted Toys
  • 3 Baby items
  • 1 Knit Bag

31 projects total

Not too bad for a year when I spent most of it pregnant and completely wore down. Sadly, I did not stick to my stash busting resolution as a result and ended the year with a tote that is just as full as when I started. (I couldn’t work on all the pull over sweaters I had yarn for because starting at 7 weeks, my stomach popped out, making them impossible to do.)

So for 2009, I hope to do better.

  • Start a yarn bank and reward myself for each completed project: $2 for a small/easy project, $5 for a medium one, $10 for a large/difficult project. If I buy yarn that was not bought from destash money, gift money, or gift certificates at stores, I lose my bank and it goes to my husband. (I have one authorized buy for the first two weeks of the year that also will not count in this venture. *Shakes a fist at Sundara and her new policy about colors*)
  • Obviously, clear out the yarn in my tote and the left overs from previous projects either by destashing or using. At the pace I work, this could take as few as 5 months, or as many as 12. My guess is that by mid-year, I’ll be needing some more yarn and can go back to buying some and hopefully only what I have a project in mind for.

I think those seem reasonable enough. 🙂 No point in making a resolution I can’t keep.