Finally joining in the round!

After 5 1/2″ of flat knitting, I was able to join my Rusted Root for knitting in the round. (After adding back in the 38 stitches I left out in the beginning of course. I waited until after my son was in bed to be sure I wouldn’t be distracted and make a stupid mistake.) I only did the join round to get things established and the lace pattern placed. Starting tomorrow, this knit should go a lot faster and I will get a better idea of how it looks. I hope I dropped the neckline low enough; when I go to add the ribbing on, it will take it back up about 1/2″.

My son having been mentioned, he had a vendetta against my knitting today so I got very little done. Everytime I picked up my work to try and squeeze in a row while the baby napped, he’d come up to me and say, “Needles away?” and then ask to snuggle. *Sigh* It’s hard to be a mommy sometimes, but how could I resist that? In the end, the extra day or two it takes to finish my sweater will have been worth it.

Soon, my back/leg/nerve issue should be cleared up and I’ll have less time to knit anyway. I have a lot of housework to catch up on, including a very daunting pile of laundry. I do alright, but our kitchen and utility room floor cause me pain when I’m on them. Carpeting is fine, tile is not.

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