Daily Archives: February 9, 2009

Finally, a couple of FO pictures…

I have another project I finished, but I need to finish sewing up seams and the like. While waiting on the fourth Sundara update o’ doom, I thought it would be a good time to update this blog. 🙂

Pattern: Rusted Root
Needles: US size 7
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece-Cherry Moon
Mods have been listed in previous posts about this sweater, but to give the Cambell’s version I a) knit flat and cast on only 1 stitch per front panel until I got to a depth of 5.5″ down, b) backwards loop cast-on the missing front panel stitches and went in the round from there, c) added an extra 2″ to the front panel by casting on stitches when I took the arms off of the needles, and d) added a 3.5″ deep horizontal bust dart.
I am so happy with how this fits and I have enough Cotton Fleece to do a second of these in a beautiful bright blue. I’m not sure if I’ll do it exactly like this one, or if I’ll modify further.

Pattern: Queen Anne’s Lace
Hook: 5.5mm (I)
Yarn: Madeline Tosh Sock-Magenta

Well what do you know? I crocheted and I liked it. I held the sock yarn double to give me more of a worsted weight gauge like the pattern called for. Lovely yarn. Lovely pattern. I am now making myself a headband with the leftovers. FUN. I shall crochet again in the future.

And now for a taste of my current project…Tosh Worsted in Cherry. YUM. Delish and plumps beautifully for cables. Varigation does not hide them in the least.