The first of the sleeves is done. My unofficial goal is to get the second sleeve off needles by Sunday or Monday. Then I have to block them, seam and weave in the few ends I left. I’m hoping to have my first big FO of the year done in time for our next yardage tally on Tuesday.

So far this month (meaning as of Tuesday), I’ve knit close 700yds, almost all of it worsted and in this current project. Not bad, but I have been hoping to maybe hit a mile in yarn every month if possible. If I can move onto a fingering weight project or two, I may be able to make it. If not, I’ll definitely break the 1000 yd mark, and that’s fine too.

I’ve been working on destashing at Ravelry and trying not to add to my current stash unless I have to. (Acquiring more of yarn I realize I may not have enough for with specific projects is one of the only exceptions I’m making to “no new yarn.”) I *did* buy some yarn that was supposed to be in back at the end of January that finally popped up last week, but I’m hoping that’s the only new stuff I’ll be bringing in until I can get some more projects done.

Time to go cast on that second sleeve. With any luck, I may get the ribbing on it done before the night is up: children permitting.

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