Let there be WIP!

It would seem that my measures to bring back my mojo are thus far working. This week, there will be a WIP post. And there will be pictures!

I’m still not moving very fast, but I am moving again.

This week, I found inspiration in Sock Knitters Anonymous’ mystery sock, designed by none other then Cookie A! I’m a huge fan of her designs, so casting this on was a no-brainer and I even pulled out some Wollmeise for it. Cookie’s designs are often great for variegated yarn, but based on the cuff pattern, I thought something more solid was called for.

The first clue was super quick and I’m hoping the next one will be the same. There’s just something about a quick project to perk up the spirits. I’m not participating in the actual contest for the KAL, so I’ll be able to alter and make the leg on these whatever size I desire. Since I cast on the large size, I may be able to get away with a slightly longer leg.

This is actually a decent segue for my next project…

Tadpole socks.

Since I cast these onto a smaller needle size then I usually do, they’re a tad snug unblocked. I know that superwash wool will loosen a bit and I’m hoping it will be just enough. (After the move, I’m going to invest in some size 2s: 2.5s result in a sock that’s a bit too loose, 1.5s in a sock that’s just a touch tight.) Because of this, what is pictured is the actual leg height for this pair; any taller and they definitely will not fit. I’m not complaining: I like my socks on the short side. In a perfect world, I would have liked one more pattern repeat.

And that’s it kittens! The theme for this week is socks. PRETTY socks.

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