WIP it Wednesday!

Whoo! I’m going to actually blog this one, kittens!

And it will not be a sock today. Ahem.

On needles is a gift for The Boy. He’ll be 4 on Sunday and I’m knitting like crazy every night to get this finished in time. He’s a rather observant little thing, so working on this while he’s awake is out of the question. For months, he’s been bugging me to knit him a, “blue and green monster.” He picked out the pattern and yarn ages ago. He reminds me that I have not, in fact, knit his monster yet…oh, pretty much every day when he sees me working on something else. It becomes more then once daily when I’m working on toys for gift knits.

Anyone who is not familiar with Danger Crafts and her patterns should check them out. There are a lot of monsters, but many other toys as well. In fact, this pug is next up on my list to go with the bunny rattle I blogged a little while back.

So many of my favorite toy designers are getting book deals these days; I keep wondering if/when Danger Crafts will be offered one. It would be a must-buy for sure!

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