Daily Archives: December 1, 2010

WIP it Wednesday

It just so happens that Wednesday is the first day of the month, so after blogging every day in November, I do not get to take a break until tomorrow. Thankfully, I have WIPs to share, and both are rounding the corner to becoming FOs.

The first is my Garter Yoke cardigan, which I had been hoping to call an FO before November was out.

It didn’t quite work out that way, as I have this serious dislike of knitting sleeves. I shocked myself when I made the decision to make them proper, full length ones.

This cardigan is turning out OK so far; I have to wait and see what the yarn does upon blocking. It’s coming out a bit smaller then expected–but at proper gauge, so I’m hoping that it will bloom when it hits the water. It fits great across the back, but the sleeves and the front are more snug then I’d like. If I had understood how the construction worked before finishing up the yoke, I would have altered it to have more stitches in the front panels and on the sleeves. The next time I try something like this, I’ll definitely keep it in mind. I’m one of those people who can not visualize what I’m doing from reading. I have to jump in, make a mess, and then I learn my lesson and have a light bulb moment. So it may not help me now, but the next time I encounter a yoke like this, I’ll have an idea of what to do and how to go backwards to make it fit better for me.
Regardless, it’s wearable. Just not as intended. (Not that I put buttons all the way down the placket anyway…I just have 03 on top and decided to stop there.)

And then there’s the hat for my sister; it’s coming along nicely. You’re looking at 4″ of ribbing and about 4″ of body there, kittens. I have up to 5″ more to go before I start the decreases and call it finished.

Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a lot of productivity out of me this month: I have lofty goals for yardage output.