WIP it Wednesday

Ah, kittens! A full week off from blogging. After doing it daily for November, it feels a bit strange not to post daily in December.

I have a couple of WIPs on needles that I can share this week.

First is my Citron. The theme for December is using up leftovers, and I have been busy at it! While this yarn looks very orange in my photo–no sun today so I couldn’t get natural light pictures…this is better then it was before I worked on toning it!–it’s really the same yarn as my Abalone. So in truth, it’s an orange-y pink. So far, this pattern is super easy, but it is starting to get tedious on the ruffled sections where the stitches double for awhile before coming back down in count.

Next up is a project I cast on last night; the yarn finally arrived yesterday so I could get to work. I’m making Viking Dolls for The Boy and The Girl for Giftmas, so I need to work fast and after they go to bed. They’re difficult to see–again, due to lack of natural lighting and needing to use the flash–but there are bobbles all around the rim of the helm. Knitting these at such a tight gauge in cotton, my hands were killing me last night by the time I was done. I get to do it again tonight, since I’m working on both dolls at the same time.

I’m hoping to have an FO post for you here in the coming days: I already have a few for the month. Yes kittens, I said a FEW!


  1. SusanB-knits says:

    Love the shawl! And the viking dolls will be so cute!! My hands hurt also after working with cotton. Hopefully if you don't knit during the day (giving your hands a rest) it won't be too bad in the evening when you work with the cotton.

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