Daily Archives: December 18, 2010

Vikings, Day 11

Viking underpants! Err…leggings, I suppose would be more correct. Last night, I could have done more knitting. However, someone went to the store specifically for Polyfil and then managed to forget to purchase said Polyfil. Before I can knit any further, these two need to be stuffed. Some of those openings are pretty small….

I have 6 more evenings to work on these, kittens. I’m starting to get nervous and wonder if I was perhaps too optimistic thinking these could be done in the time.

Vikings, Day 10

If you take Day 9’s picture, and imagine that the color stripe in the belt is blue rather then purple, you will know exactly what I worked on last night. 😉 It seemed a bit silly to take a photo of the same thing I photographed before. But fear not, kittens! I’ll be back with a photo tomorrow.