Daily Archives: February 11, 2011

Block 7

Right at the end of January, I finished up this 7th quilt block and then stopped while I considered what I really wanted to do with our bed quilt.

You see, kittens, that nagging feeling I often get was starting to roar at me. I really liked the blocks I’ve been making, but I wasn’t digging the pattern they came from. This is not the fault of the pattern, but rather, my inability to notice that the retro starburst panels used were not random as I had remembered; they were actually in a symmetrical pattern in the middle of the quilt. Once I realized this–but not before I spent many days vainly hoping I’d find more panels for sale–and started to play with my own quilt’s layout, I realized there was no way to make the quilt look like anything but an after thought. And really, who wants to put something on her bed that looks like she gave little-to-no thought to it?
It just wouldn’t do.
So I took a couple of days off to regroup before deciding where to go next. I ended up spending an entire evening carefully drawing and redrawing–to scale–different layouts for my quilt top until I came upon one that struck my fancy and was the clear winner.
No, I’m not sharing it yet. It’s going to be a surprise. But needless to say, this quilt should finish up much more quickly, and hopefully, it will have a much more modern and purposeful feel to it.

Birdie Stitches: February 2011

I have quite a bit of catching up to do, kittens! Last week, a stomach bug tore through my house and brought everything to a stand still. We still have some stragglers for full recovery, but at least we’re starting to do things again that do not involve lying on the couch and napping.

Right before the bug hit, I was about to write a couple of quilting blog posts that had to be delayed. I’m going to try and get them both out tonight.

First is the second block in my Birdie Stitches embroider/quilt along. I actually finished this before the 4th and it’s just been sitting around waiting to be photographed ever since. This month, Ms. Birdie apparently finds a mister. The Girl is quite excited about her quilt and happily squeaks about it every chance she gets. I wish she’d get this excited when I knit her things.

My guess is that March’s block will feature clover…though, maybe a lion and a lamb? I have to admit that, in my mind, March is one of the more fun months, since it’s not as predictable what the theme could be. Hopefully before the next block releases, I’ll have some of the top piecing finished. I finally found where I stashed the medium gray Kona I’m using for the top and I can get to work cutting it for the sashing.
I’m itching to be productive and moving again after more then a week of nothing!