Farmer’s Wife QAL: Week 4

Kittens! I did not fall off the planet and die after the first week of July. Instead, my projects continued to be a pain in my behind, and my crafting drive is still very low. It’s making for very little actually getting done.

I did finally finish “week” 4 of my Farmer’s Wife QAL. So, here they are:

Man. There’s a lot to say about these…mostly just that first block.

Block 7: Birds in the Air
This block kicked my ass. Several times. If I had not decided to cut into some of my precious Flea Market Fancy stash for it, I would have chucked the thing and just recut and went from there. But no, I used special fabric and ended up: sewing, ripping, resewing, reripping, and then fiddly sewing it back together a final time. There are over 10 hours’ worth of labor in that first block. It’s not perfect, but it is exponentially better than it looked the first 2 go ’rounds.
The FMF held up pretty well to the abuse, but the cheapie Jo-Anns purple did not. The edges started to fray on most of the pieces in spite of my careful handling and gentleness. As a result, the block looks wonky (it’s not) and that weird “wrinkle” in the upper left square? It’s where I actually had to sew more purple to it to give the thread something to hold onto other than frayed edge. I probably should have recut that particular triangle.
Birds in the Air took me weeks to get done and to my satisfaction. Such a bummer, but at least I can live with it as-is now.
Block 8: Bouquet
This block, on the other hand, went together in under an hour and didn’t give me any trouble. The hardest part was deciding which fabrics to use. No drama. No pain. Went right together. One point is slightly off, and I’m not sweating it.
(And I’m not sure what happened with my photos today. No, there is not a wrinkle in the Pip’s section of the block.)
Anywho! Week 5’s blocks look pretty easy and I may try to finish them up before July comes to a close.
What about you, kittens? What have you been making?


  1. SusanB-knits says:

    Love them! sorry the one block fought to be made but sometimes that happens.I haven't done much blogging this month. I think the heat is getting to me.

  2. Naomi Olson says:

    sorry that one kicked your ass… i put a seam ripper through a triangle on a nearly perfect basket triangle and had to re-do half the block… now that doesn't seem so bad…I'm only on block #5 (but I only got the bk on Tuesday so I'm doing good). Thanks for sharing 🙂

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