November 2011 Wrap-up

Yardage Totals 2011

January: 1071 yds
February: 762 yds
March: 1189 yds
April: 1083 yds
May: 849 yds
June: 487 yds
July: 222 yds
August: 687 yds
September: 405 yds
October: 436yds
November: 216yds

Year to date: 7,407 yds or 4.21 miles

Kittens, those of you on social networking sites with me already know that November was an awful month for our household. On Veteran’s Day, we were in a fairly serious car wreck, and while I did not have to be hospitalized for my injuries, I’ve been spending most of my time recovering. I hit my tailbone pretty good and sitting down for any length of time was just not an option for awhile. We’re all OK and the other driver is too, but it really should be no surprise that I wasn’t able to be as productive as I wanted. This also means I haven’t been able to edit some photos of recent FOs, and I hope to have those coming in the next month. (I’m just glad that I didn’t attempt to do the November blog-a-day challenge this year!)

I hope all of you have been doing well and are gearing up for a merry holiday season. ♥


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