Crafting Intentions: 2012

So, I never got around to blogging about intentions/resolutions at New Year’s, did I, kittens? The truth is, I haven’t put as much thought into them this year since I was so side tracked and ill last year, but the ones I made for 2011 were pretty good. I’m still working around some of those health issues, but in general, I’m feeling much better and having more good days than bad ones now. I’m not sure I want to make too many goals, just in case I have a relapse or life decides to mess with my crafting in some other way. (Car accidents, I’m looking at you. Stay. Away.)

In 2012 I’d like to:
♥ Knit 6 pairs of socks
♥ Attempt IntSweMoDo again, though realistically, I’ll probably finish 4-6 sweaters, not 12.
♥ Finish The Boy’s knit blanket, it’s still stagnated at 1/3 of the way done.
♥ Finish quilting my bed quilt; it’s sitting at 40% quilted.
♥ Save any yarn purchasing for Rhinebeck. (zOMG, you guys, I haven’t even blogged about how I’m moving later this year [AGAIN] and where yet. That’s for another post.)
♥ Continue my efforts to fit my yarn all back into my under-bed tote. I’m pretty close minus my son’s blanket yarn. Two sweater quantities would definitely do it.
How about you, kittens? Have you made any 2012 crafting resolutions or are you pretty relaxed about that sort of thing?

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