Knot A Podcast: Episode 16

Oh, Vimeo.  You slay me with your flattering portrayals of my face and personality.

Kittens.  I believe I forgot to say the episode number in the beginning.  And I do need to apologize for where I was looking; I was convinced that if I looked at the camera, that it would look like I was looking at you.  My mistake and now I know better.  I promise to work out all of the goofy kinks in the coming future.

Onto the show notes!


♥  The podcast name has changed very slightly to give it a more crafty feel.  Not A Podcast is now Knot A Podcast.  My denial is as firmly cemented as ever. 😉
♥ I made a Ravelry group, say whut?  I’m still working on getting it set up and was surprised to see 9 members as of this morning.  Half are people I do not already know.  So, um, Hi there! *Waves*


♥ 600 Monsters
Pashmina Cowl – This could have used a couple more stitches on each side.  I linked to the mods I followed when making mine.
Pashmina Graham –  This pattern is pretty good as-is, but I feel the last bit of shaping is too conical.  Could use a little reworking to round it out more.
♥ Looking to make some Pashmina mitts, maybe unembellished Knucks?


♥ Very little progress made on Goodale and the Blanket O’ Doom.  They were on the back burner the last three weeks.
♥ Commission monster is almost finished.  Been trying out Morning Glory Cluster Stuff and pretty impressed so far.  It’s so much less messy than the other poly stuffings I’ve tried!
♥ Socks for the Mister are just barely started.  I keep feeling uneasy about them.  I’m not sure if I should listen to the nagging voice or keep going.

Next On Deck:

♥ The name of the game is focusing on WIPs.  I want to cast on ALL THE THINGS right now, but I need to finish other things up first.


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