Daily Archives: August 15, 2013

Knot A Podcast: Episode 36

Kittens, everything got done too late last night to post up.  So here it is early on a Thursday instead.  Enjoy. 😉

♥ Come join us in the Knot A Podcast Ravelry group!
SitS 2013 is almost done!  You have until I lock the thread on the morning of 01 September to get those entries in; there are 32 to date!  That’s a lot of socks, y’all.  (And the picture of the finished Sock Sack is coming.  By making the bag more sturdy, it’s taking much longer to turn the pieces.)
YouTube channel is slowly coming along.  Uploading there can be a real pain, but I’m plugging along at it.
The Autobiography of Jane Eyre on YouTube.
Thug Notes on YouTube.  Seriously, watch this!

♥ Hermione’s Every Day Socks – First sock is finished and past the ribbing on the second.  I am using US size 1 needles for these and Fancy Pants Yarn Spiffy in the Hummingbird colorway.

Spinning A Yarn:
♥ Hanks in the Hood
♥Pigeonroof Merino (4 of 5 plied)
♥ Hodge Podge yarn as a gift for a friend.  3 different colorways of Spun Right Round Polwarth.

Stitching Corner:
♥ Over 3/5 of the way done with my Summer Sampler!  “Complicated” wasn’t the correct way to describe this one.  Maybe “more involved” would have been more accurate?  There are more colors in each square and a few that almost all or all of the squares are stitched in full.  Not more hard, just more work…if that makes any sense.
♥ Resisting the urge to start on Halloween Sampler right away and looking forward to Autumn Sampler.