January 2014: Wrap-up

Yardage Totals 2014:
January: 1,510yds


Year To Date: 1,510 yds or 0.86 miles

Kittens!  Man, what a trip January has been.  I could hardly believe my yardage tally for this month, let alone how many projects I worked on.  (Eight, if anyone is curious about that.  I laid hands on eight different knits this month, finished a couple of them and made massive progress on the rest. ) It has been ages since I was this gungho about knitting All The Things!   Maybe it’s the frigid arctic air that is holding us all hostage indoors.  Maybe it’s the Roku which has freed me from my computer and allowed me to be more productive with my hands.  Maybe it’s panicking about lacking content for the podcast.  Maybe the answer is just, “yes.”   Regardless of the answer, 2014 has gotten off to a smashing start!

What about all of you?  Was January kind to your crafty habits?   Were you able to get much accomplished and worked on? ♥

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