July 2014: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2014:
January: 1,510yds
February: 1,227yds
March: 1,492yds
May: 695yds
June: 611yds
July: 475yds
Year To Date: 7,461 yards or 4.24 miles


This month’s numbers are a little off: my handspun socks are difficult to count yardage on, so that full amount is going into August’s tally.  And some of the socks from June had the July portion of their tally counted in last month because I didn’t check at the end of the month.  So.   July’s yardage was hard-earned through socks.  The days are still hot, but I’m looking forward to the fall and winter when sweaters and blankets will become attractive projects again.

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