Show Notes: Episode 79

♥ Please come join us in the Ravelry group!
♥ The podcast is now on YouTube, if you prefer to watch there. Please remember to give my videos a thumbs up and do the same for other podcasts you enjoy!

Show Notes: “Stitches Midwest”

♥ Sock it to Summer is nearing the end! If you have more socks to submit in the group, please do so by 31 August. I will be closing the thread down when I wake up on 01 September.

♥ Handspun Socks from my Pigeonroof Studios Merino top “Magnolia”

♥ August Personal Sock Club – my hand-dyed yarn from a class, US size 1 needles (Sock Rockets to be exact), using the same stitch pattern as Hermione’s Everyday socks. I referenced “Greetings From the Beach” in this segment when describing the feel of the colorway.

Spinning A Yarn:
♥ Still plunking away at my January club braid from MoonRover.
♥ Test drove my aaronmakesstuff spindle with some Gourmet Stash punis. It is slick!

Wool Piggery:
♥ Hello Yarn July 2014 Club colorway has arrived! This month is BFL top in the “Head Banger” colorway.
CreatedbyElsieB Falkland top in the “Plumeria” colorway.
♥ Lion Brand Sock-Ease “Rock Candy”
Miss Babs Yowza! in “Deep Sea Jellyfish”
♥ Miss Babs Northumbria in “Zombie Prom”
Knit Circus Aerialist “Come What May”
Gnome Acres House Gnome Sock and Squishy Gnome in “Smell my Feet”
Tuft sock soap sampler and hand/cuticle balm

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