Show Notes: Episode 81

♥ Please come join us in the Ravelry group!
♥ The podcast is now on YouTube, if you prefer to watch there. Please remember to give my videos a thumbs up and do the same for other podcasts you enjoy!

Show Notes: “Emphasizing the Numbers”

♥ Sock it to Summer ends on 31 August 2014, please be sure to post up photos of your finished socks in the thread before I close it on 01 September if you want to be eligible for prizes! We have 76 entries as of the time I recorded this podcast; you are all amazing!
♥ Please join us for Fall Into Shawls 01 September – 31 December 2014. A relaxed open craft-a-long is a sweet way to end the year. Make something nice for yourself!
♥ Lamby Toes will be getting some more yarn in soon. My schedule has been too hectic to get any dyeing done.

♥ Handspun House Socks for my husband. These were an impulse cast on after watching Laura‘s podcast and reminding me that I had some underspun Becoming Art Targhee that I should use up. I managed these in 5 days! Yowza.

♥ Wild Thing by Susan Claudino. I just wasn’t feeling this one this week. I hate obligation gift knits. I need to motor on it and soon.
♥ Nicole the Notorious Octopus by Jenna Krupar. If you can, knock out one of Jenna’s stuffy patterns and post it up by 31 August in her thread to be eligible for prizes!
♥ I talked a bit about my Hiro sweater and possible problems it may have. I’m hoping to come to a decision in the next day or two and get back to work on this and finally knock out a sweater for 2014. I also touched on my languishing Make a Wish that didn’t make it far.

Spinning A Yarn:
♥ Holiday Yarns BFL OOAK fiber: chain-plied, ~235yds, appears to be a sport weight.
♥ Holiday Yarns blend fiber in the works
♥ Spanish Peacock spindle with Gourmet Stash Tribble sample. I do not like silk hankie or silk waste in my fiber batts.

Stitcher’s Corner:
♥ Mysterious Halloween Town Club clue three was released on Thursday. I’ve gotten a start on mine.

Let Me Enable You:
♥ MoonRover August 2014 club colorway has arrived

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