December 2014: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2014:
January: 1,510yds
February: 1,227yds
March: 1,492yds
May: 695yds
June: 611yds
July: 475yds
August: 1,025yds
September: 1,595yds
October: 1,898yds
November: 1,001yds
December: 686yds
2014 Totals: 13,666yds or 7.77 miles



Kittens, it felt like I knit a lot more this month than I actually did.  All of that yardage was very hard earned.  I’m not unhappy at all with anything I knit to get those yards: a pair of socks for my mother, two hats, part of a poncho…all good projects that I’m happy with!

Overall I am very pleased with how 2014 went in terms of productivity.  I knit so many things, including 16 pairs of socks! (16!!)  I started 3 sweaters for myself, but finished only 1 (fingering weight yarn, of course) which was a little sad.  There were shawls and cowls, knit toys, and some dish cloths too.  It was a good year for knitting.  I also stitched a couple of samplers, sewed many bags, sewed my first dresses, and spun much yarn.  (77 ounces in total, or the equivalent of 19 4oz braids!)

I’m hoping 2015 will be just as productive, if not better.  I have so much beautiful stash to use.  See you next year, kittens. ♥

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