Daily Archives: April 30, 2016

April 2016: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2016:
 January: 728yds
February: 1,062yds
March: 1,042yds
April: 706yds
2015 Totals: 3,538yds or 2.01 miles

It’s been another month, kittens, and while I didn’t quite make my monthly goal of 734yds, I did get close enough to not be bothered by this fact. My average monthly yardage knit is still well-above that goal–884yds, to be exact–so as long as my productivity doesn’t nose dive, I should meet my yearly goal of 5 miles quite easily. April was a bit of a difficult month for me: many things went wrong, and I lost my knitting mojo for days at a time. Considering I didn’t knit at all for 7-10 days of the month, I think my output was great!

I was very monogamous again as I focused on finishing up my spinning and knitting bins. In that time, I finished a long-term sweater project for myself, knit a couple rounds on Lamby’s sample sock (and frogged even more due to a stupid mistake, but alas! I can not track that yardage) and knit almost a full pair of anklets; all I have left to knit on them is the heel and about 1.5″ of a leg, and they’re finished! The start of my second set of bins has me quite excited, and I’m already trying to decide which yummy handspun project I want to knit first. Will it be more husband socks? Socks for myself? Another sweater? A shawl? I guess we’ll see what May has in store for me!

Was April good to you? Did you get some projects finished and out of stash, or were you more interested in being outside and basking in spring?