December 2016: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2016:
 January: 728yds
February: 1,062yds
March: 1,042yds
April: 706yds
May: 1,922yds
June: 411yds
July: 869yds
August: 924yds
September: 947yds
October: 1,427yds
November: 1,786yds
December: 1,550yds
2016 Totals: 13,374yds or 7.60 miles


Well, kittens, I did manage to end 2016 strong in the yardage knit department! I am very pleased with how far I exceeded by modest goal to knit 8,800yds (5 miles) in this calendar year. With the exception of one low month, June, I met the required 734yds per month I would need to knit in order to make it. (OK. YES, there were 2 other months that I was a touch below that, but I count anything within 30 yards as having met my goal. Close enough is…close enough, yes?)

It felt good to knit as much as I did after 2015’s all-time low, but I know it’s still a pretty low yardage output when placed in context of my stashing habits.  So I will continue to work on both until I am able to get my stash to a more reasonable place that I find comfortable. On the knitting side of things, I’m going to keep my knitting goal fairly unambitious: since I was able to knit over 13,000yds this year with a couple of rock star months, my goal for 2017 is to average 1,000 yards of yarn knit for a total of 12,000 yards in the year. This is ~ 6.82 miles worth of yarn. I feel like I can accomplish this will still spinning, sewing, and working on some cross-stitch.

2017 looks like it may be a year that I will need all of the crafting comfort I can get, but I’m hoping it will be a good one.

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