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Show Notes: Episode 174

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Show Notes: “Be Your Best Selves”

♥ Manly Maze by Celeste Culpepper
MENTIONED: My first MM, where you can better see the maze slipped stitch pattern.
MENTIONED: Ysolda Teague’s sewn Tubular Bind Off tutorial.
♥ O2 of 12: 2017 socks
♥ Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry

Be your best selves, and do good things, kittens.

Episode 174: Be Your Best Selves


Hi, kittens: today’s episode is a bit content-lite; I’ve been pretty busy with things other than knitting. Thank you for spending some of your time catching up with me today! Today’s episode has some WIPs, some fun goodies, and I take a few minutes to have a more serious talk with you all. Show notes can be found on the blog at SewKnitpicky.net, and please consider joining the Knot A Podcast Ravelry group!

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