Daily Archives: November 3, 2017

October 2017: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2017:

 January: 1,065yds
February: 1,075yds
March: 1,659yds
April: 1,453yds
May: 1,595yds
June: 379yds
July: 313yds
August: 646yds
September: 373yds
October: 774yds
2017 Totals: 9,332yds or 5.30 miles


On the one hand, my yardage worked in October was still pretty low as my dampened knitting mojo continued. (And there was one other project I worked on in October, but I didn’t think to weigh out my handspun in grams so I could get an accurate way to measure partial usage. So I’m letting November have that bit.)  It’s definitely better than it has been since summer started. I do miss those numbers from the first 4 months of the year when my needles were flying at a steady pace.

But on the other, I was able to find the drive to knit some Lamby samples that have started my knitting drive smoking again: the desire is still in there. It apparently needs to be coaxed out, so I will continue to be patient with it. I’m hoping some delightful handspun will convince it to re-enter the world and stay for a while.

I am about 670 yards behind where I ideally wanted to be at this point in the year, but it’s not so bad that I’m fretting about the shortage. Really, when spread out over the 10 months of 2017 so far, I’m fewer than 100 yards short of my monthly goals on average; I would argue that’s pretty darn good. We will see what November and December bring! (I’m hoping for a mad burst of energy to bang out a sweater in under a month. I dream big.)

How was your October, kitten? Have you been in a slump? Or are you still crafting away?