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October 2018: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2018:

 January: 1,679yds
February: 1,069yds
March: 2,377yds
April: 3,370yds
May: 1,139yds
June: 1,389yds
July: 526yds
August: 482yds
September: 1,550yds
October: 1,508yds

2018 Totals: 15,089 yds or 8.57 miles

And another month just whizzed by! It seems like they go faster once the fall and holiday season approaches. (Until February rolls around and then it feels like the winter may never end.)

October was another knit-heavy month, despite putting in a lot of work on a cross stitch sampler I’m trying to finish off as a gift for my nephew. I managed to work on my blanket, a capelet, handspun socks, and reknit 500 yards’ worth of yarn on a sweater knit for my daughter that I thought was complete. It was a very full month where crafting was concerned! (I even managed to read quite a few books this month; October is when I come alive and have more energy until the weather warms up again. The summer and heat always make me depressed and lethargic. I wish I could hibernate during those months.)

Even if I knit not another stitch for the duration of the year, I blew my original goal of 12,000 yards out of the water! I am starting to give thought to whether I think I can be equally productive in 2019 and what a reasonable goal is for the year. A lot will be changing next year, so it’s hard for me to foresee at the present time… but I think I might aim for 15,000 yards, since I know I obviously can do it.

What do you plan to knit on in November? Are you planning some gift knits? Or maybe you have some special projects planned for yourself for the final months of the year? My November will for sure involve finishing my current pair of socks, more blanket work, and working on a sweater knit for my son. I might start a new one for myself as well. 😉