December 2022: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2022:

 January: 2,128
February: 742
March: 1,578
April: 25
May: 0
June: –
July: 821
August: 1,410
September: 450
October: 28
November: 650
December: 14
2022 Totals: 7,846 yds or 4.46 miles

And there went December.

I was back in a knitting slump this month—I did craft a little, mostly cross stitch—and only managed to seam up the strips of the handspun blanket so I could assess how much evening up is necessary, as well as if more width is desired. The answers, respectively, are: a butt ton of leveling out will have to happen as no two strips are the same length, and, it works as-is, but one more strip for width might be nice to have. So. We’ll see how I feel about it after I fix the first issue. (And adding a border to the project will give it another 1-2″ of both length and width to work with.)

In 2022, I’ve decided to stick with the same knitting goal I’ve had since this decade started: knit something every month. Technically…yes. I did work with yarn this month. And through out the year, I managed this. Only May was completely yarnless.

Now that 2022 is over and I’m looking back on the year, I’ve realized it had more knits in it than I previously thought. So, that’s all well and good. Looking into 2023, I think my Goal™ is still the same: knit something, anything, every month. I do desire to work through some stash and maybe have a few specific projects in mind, but I’m still working my way to what, when, and more importantly, How. Because the way I make is going to have to change quite a bit, and it’s going to become a much more involved and slower process. But I hope that means I will wear my handknits way more often and enjoy the finished object even more than the making.

So. What about you, kitten? Did you have crafty plans in 2022 and did you accomplish them? Have you given thought to 2023? Or like myself, are you playing things more loosely and seeing where your whims take you?

Take care of yourselves and each other. May we all have a gentle 2023.


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