March 2023: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2023:

 January: 530
February: 293
March: 1087
2023 Totals: 1,910 yds or 1.09 miles

Somehow in the chaos that is my current situation, I forgot to post up March’s numbers. Whoops.

The month started with a tonsillectomy. Mid-way through, I found out I have cancer. And then the rest of the month was a blur of appointments, jabbing, sticking, prodding, poking, and preparing for my first chemo session in early April. It’s not surprising that posting up March’s numbers slipped through the cracks. It’s not like they’re any less accurate now than they were a month ago.

I was quite crafty last month as I worked through even more anxious energy for all of the afore-mentioned medical issues. I managed to knit a full size shawl, a hot water bottle sweater, and start a sweater for myself that month. I needed something to focus on and keep my hands moving.

In 2023, my only yarny goal is to knit something every month. Check.

So. What about you, kitten? Is your 2023 full of crafts so far? Have you been working on anything you’d like to share?

Take care of yourselves and each other.


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