Monthly Archives: May 2009

Super quickie…

I thought I’d better do a tiny update to say that a) I am still alive, and b) I am still knitting.  Though it will be a bit before I have any FO pictures to show off.  At this time, I’m working at a slower pace then I thought I would be, but since my stress levels are about to go through the roof, I’ll likely speed up a bit to try and busy my mind.

So no pictures today, just an update to my monthly yardage tallies.  April started off really great and the last week it dropped off.  It was pretty sad to go from a 400+ yd week to a 24yd one the next.  I’m honestly unsure of how much I’ll get knit this month or how closely I’ll track my totals.

Yardage totals for 2009:
January: 937 yds
February: 1286 yds
March: 1466 yds
April: 1093 yds
Year to date:  4782 yds or 2.72 miles