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2013 Stashdown: Q1

I had to give some thought to how I want to present my Stashdown numbers this year…I really like the idea of showing the results for every Q1 I’ve participated in to date to see if there are certain trends I can discover in them.  Being that this is the fourth year I’ve participated in Stashdown efforts, I’m starting to accumulate quite a lot of data.

Click for the easier-to-read full size picture.

It’s definitely interesting to see all four Q1s laid out like that.  *ahem*  I may have fallen hard off the wagon after all of the effort of making a point system, but I have confidence that the rest of this year can go by with minimal stash enhancement.  We shall see. 😉

March 2013: Wrap-up

Yardage Totals 2013:
January: 869yds
February: 1,038yds
March:  1,100yds
Year To Date: 3,007yds or 1.71 miles



Kittens!  March ended up being a fairly productive month.  There were several days that I did no knitting at all, so I’m really pleased with those numbers.

2013 is off to a good start in terms of productivity.  I managed to knit a good sized chunk of my son’s blanket, and I’m hoping to finish that project up before the end of May.  (I can do this as long as I work on it daily and do not put it on hold any more.  1 hour a night; that’s all it would take.  I can do that, right?)  I made a good start on my Pomme de Pin cardigan and also hope to be finishing that up by the end of April.  Maybe I can bang out a small project or two as well.

I hope you all have been staying healthy, and your weather is starting to turn lovely.  Here’s to hoping April will be kind!

Knot A Podcast: Episode 20

It’s a pretty short one this week, kittens.  And look at that face.  Oh Vimeo, you continue to flatter me. ;P


♥ None, really.
Ravelry Group


Pomme De Pin in Madeline Tosh Pashmina, Dust Bowl colorway.   I have named it, “Dusty Pinecone Cardigan.”
Blanket O’ Doom continues to chug along.

Stash Enhancement:

♥ Some more Soft Like Kittens from Annette.
♥ “Mind The Gap” self-striping.   This is a 12 color self-striper–YOWZA.

Knot A Podcast: Episode 19

Kittens, it’s that time again, and I would like to apologize for my tardiness making this week’s podcast.  A few things came up, including a sick child.  So thank you for bearing with me and for coming back to watch.  It means a lot to share my work with you. ♥

Show Notes:

♥ I touched on the Blip and iTunes issue.  This week has been rather enlightening for myself as well as other podcasters that have been experiencing the same issues I have.  I realize that I forgot to mention that part of Blip’s advertisers’ issues were that they wanted “professional” looking podcasts.  Thus, the mention of multiple camera angles, etc.

Goodale.  FINALLY!  It is done.  I discuss many things I changed in the pattern and my thoughts on it.  I will update my project notes to reflect these same observances in the near future.
– Apologies for the bad picture and poor video of this cardigan.  NONE of my electronic devices like this color and it makes them insane.

♥ Second Kiss Apple for The Girl’s pre-k teacher.

♥ Knucks.  Nothing exciting happened on these.  Just a few more fingers.

Stash Enhancement:
♥ Quite a bit.

February 2013: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2013:
January: 869yds
February: 1,038yds
Year To Date: 1,907yds or 1.08 miles



For being such a short month, February was not short on productivity!  I feel pretty good about what all I managed to work on and even had some finished items to show for it–I even sewed curtains for my living room and still knit this much!  We will have to see what March has in store, but I hope it’s just a yarn filled and full of win.

Have all you kittens been working on crafty projects as of late?  Or has the start of the year been non-productive on that front?