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May 2020: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2020:

 January: 1,287 yds
February: 628 yds
March: 231 yds
April: 923 yds
May: 677yds
2020 Totals: 3,746 yds or 2.13 miles



May was another month of sheltering in place here in Korea, as it was around the world. But I found my enthusiasm for knitting waned, as did my voracious reading appetite that had been going strong since March 2019. Instead, I found myself enamored with Animal Crossing New Horizons—a very pleasant way to pass the time, but terrible for my knitting productivity—and spent much of the month in the time-consuming thrall of getting my island set up and functioning at its best. It’s such a wholesome thing and so darn cute. Despite this, I managed to finish my second Ursa sweater, knit 2 Midas Hats, and on the final day of the month, I started a Solvik Shirt to work on in June for Eat.Sleep.Knit’s Q2 KAL. So all-in-all, quite a bit of work, though no real yardage to show for it.

My only knitting goal for 2020 is to knit something every month…check: that was accomplished in May. I’m not sure what June will hold as it’s already getting unpleasantly warm and muggy outside—we’ve been told last summer was quite mild, and this summer is expected to be punishing—and electricity is quite a lot more expensive here, so we keep the AC considerably warmer than we would Stateside and try to keep the windows open as much as we’re able to catch breezes. So. I may not be feeling much love for wool in my hands as the temperatures heat up. My current project is in silk and linen, and I’m remembering exactly why I dislike working with plant fibers. Maybe I will find myself back on the cross-stitch train before the next month is done.

What about you, kitten? Did you do much making while sheltering in place this May? Have you maybe tried out a new craft or indulged in a new hobby? Have you lost yourself to the delightful cuteness of ACNH?