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April Photo Mosaic

Lately, I’ve been too tired and high strung to blog.  However, I’ve been taking a lot of photos on Instgram and I decided to make a little photo mosaic of projects I’ve been working on this month.  (I’ll be back tomorrow to do my April yardage wrap-up post.) Enjoy!


Kittens!  I hadn’t realized it’s been over two weeks since I last blogged.  I assure you I’m not dead; I’ve actually been rather busy, both knitting and sewing.  (And you know, life stuff like graduations, in-law visits, some medical appointments… stuff, basically.) I’ve started working on end of the year gifts for The Boy’s teachers and I’ll blog about those soon, but for now, I’ll share a couple Instagram photos of what I’ve been doing since March ended.

First, I finished a wallet.   I’m pretty stoked about this since I bought the pattern back in 2009 and was too scared to try it out.  (I also purchased the exact same wallet already made by the shop owner at the time.  After 3 years, it was time to replace it.)  It turned out really well and I’m so happy to have a wallet that isn’t all soft and floppy from wear anymore.  I might have plans to sew myself several more so I can have different options depending on what sort of a mood I’m in.

I’ve actually been doing a lot more sewing than knitting as of late.  Like most places, we’ve had some unseasonably hot weather around here and let’s face it…wool and alpaca in your lap when it’s almost 90ยบ is disgusting.  My cardigan has been on hiatus after such a fast and promising start, and I’ve been working at a snail’s pace on these:


(Isn’t the way the yarn coordinates with the Heather Ross mermaid print dreamy?  I’m swooning over here.)

I’ve been working on converting the Jaywalker pattern to a toe-up sport weight knit. It’s been very frustrating and still isn’t quite right, but it’s looking like the final sock will work.  Seriously, I had to rip and restart 3 times to get the stitch count right and change needle sizes once along the way.  I hope they’re worth all of the trouble they’re causing, because I have a lot of new sport weight stripeys that I’d like to use this formula on once it’s perfected!

How about you, kittens?  I’ve noticed that my blog feed has been pretty quiet as of late.  Has the hot weather sent you all into hiding as well, or have you been working on some projects?