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Not A Podcast: Episode 8

Short show this week; I didn’t work on much so there isn’t a lot to talk about.  Man, do I look crazed in that preview image!  Thank goodness I’m not a politician so no one will think to use those against me!

Onto the show notes!

Nikola Tessla brooch (not broach as I misspelled in the end title) is from The Science Boutique on Etsy.  I really want the glow in the dark madam Curie one too!

The Girl’s First Real Winter Mittens.  Petit Purls.
♥ The TARDIS pouch.  Sorry kittens, I forgot to get pictures of it before recording!  See last week’s show notes for more details pertaining to this project.

Pinkie Pie Socks.  That’s it.  Seriously.

 Soon to Cast-On:
♥ Gearing up for the Dancing Dog Dyeworks’ 30 Day Sockdown KAL November.  Broken Seed Stitch Socks.  DDD Twist sock in Love My Gnomies and Shibui sock in Ivory.
♥ Goodale by Cecily Glowick MacDonald….really.  One of these days.  I was mistaken: every other size makes a larger jump and then two will be closer together in size.  It does not  seem to have any real rhyme or reason to the sizing.

October 2012: Wrap-up

Kittens!  I decided not to bombard you with posts tomorrow.  I’ve slowed down a touch on my knitting this last week, and I doubt I’ll work on anything further than I already have.  I may as well do my monthly yardage tally post today.

We’re all doing fine after Sandy hit last night.  She ended up fizzling out before she could do any real damage here. We had some high winds for about 6 hours last night, but by 4 am, it was calm and clear again.  Today we’re even seeing some blue skies.  I hope everyone out there on the East Coast is as fortunate as we were.  I’ve been thinking about all of you. ♥

Yardage Totals 2012:

January: 817 yds
February: 782 yds
March: 1350 yds
April: 421 yds
May: 789 yds
June: 485 yds
July: 511yds
August: 368 yds
September: 1786 yds
October: 879 yds
Year to date: 8,188 yds or 4.65 miles

For as much as I knit this month, that number is disappointingly low.  Not that it matters, but it’s a pride issue for me.  Just under half of it was in socks (which let’s face it, are seriously time consuming for little yardage used), a quarter of it was the wide stripes blanket o’ doom, and the other quarter was small objects like mittens and a toy.  I may be the world’s slowest toy knitter.  But I did manage to finish quite a few projects and this first month of Q4 Stashdown, I’m doing really well.  I’m mean really well.  I’m looking to save a little face when all is said and done if November and December are more of the same. Yowza.

I hope you are all well today, kittens, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.  (Sick preschooler permitting.  *knocks on wood*)

Question: please vote.

Kittens!  I need your help making this decision.  I can’t help but feel that making a group would be putting the cart before the horse…but it seems like other podcasts have groups made at the same time.  What should I do?!

EDIT: I have since removed the poll since it’s been causing issues with my blog layout. Any opinions, please post a comment. Thank you! 🙂

Today in pictures

This is what’s happened to my lovely view, Kittens. Just a week ago, there were still pretty golden leaves all over those trees, and now, you can see hints of winter in them.

Today I took my Ghastly Uma out into the wild.  Even with short sleeves, it’s quite warm.  Too warm for the house at the moment, but I suspect that in winter, it will make an excellent house sweater.

Life is never boring with a Shiba Inu, which are crazy chewers. This poor toy did not make it even 2 hours before Tala managed to open its head and pull out all of the stuffing. It’s like a crime scene, and I’m some sort of CSI documenting the carnage.  (These toys are rated at a 7 or 8 on the toughness scale; I can not imagine how quickly she’d rip open a standard toy.)  She takes so much glee in ripping the insides out of these toys.

And that’s my Saturday!  I hope it’s treating you all well!

Not A Podcast: Episode 7

Kittens, it’s that time of the week again: video podcast day!  Trying to keep everything short and sweet; I came in at just over 18 minutes this week.

Onto the show notes!

♥ This is one of my favorite mugs.  It can be found at the Sugar Bunny Shop.  I have the Mashimaro one too.  Eee!  They are large, nice heavy weight, hold almost 2 full cups of liquid, and are high quality.  And really, $15 for something like that isn’t so high priced.  LOVE.
♥ Hopefully the bit about our renter wasn’t over-sharing.  The house has been a huge sore spot for us since we bought it in December 2006…and 2 days after closing were told we had orders to PCS.  It’s been a dramatastic ride ever since full of dead beat renters and now our current one is getting shafted by VA and the military retirement system.  Which means we are getting shafted by them too.

Diamond’s Little Sister – US Size 6 needles.  Knit Picks Swish Tonal in Queen Anne.  Minor foot mod: removed 5 rounds.  Made felt and embroidered eyes rather than safety eyes.
The Boy’s First Real Winter Mittens – US Size 4 and 6.  Knit Picks Swish Tonal in Canopy and Kindling.  Modified the cuff to be twisted ribbing and lengthened.  Also lengthened the thumb.  I think this is a good pattern, but you should watch it to make sure it will fit your child’s hand.  

♥ One sewing project but no projects on needles were worked on this week.  Crazy!
Open Wide Zippered Pouch tutorial by Anna at Noodlehead.  The one I’m making is a modified size Large.
 TARDIS panel from Amanda Hall’s Etsy shop.  She blogs at The Craft Junky.

Soon to Cast-On:
Goodale by Cecily Glowick MacDonald….maybe. Yarn choice is fighting me hard on this one.  I may have to accept that it’s not meant to be.
♥ Gearing up for the Dancing Dog Dyeworks’ 30 Day Sockdown KAL November.  I’m not 100% sure about pattern and yarn choice yet, but a full month is plenty of time for at least one pair of socks. 
♥ I may cast on a second pair of mittens for my daughter.  The last pair took 3 days start-to-finish; I could definitely finish a pair for her before the end of the month.

Stash Flash:
Ladybug Fiber Company 75/25 Self-striping in “Mesa Sunrise.”  PURDY.  Thanks to after-the-fact color correction, there was no reason I had to go through so much trouble getting this skein to look right!  When will I learn?!
♥ Other podcast I referenced is Whatcha Swatchin?  with host, Emily.  We have similar taste in yarn and patterns…and she keeps her shows fairly short, which I love. 

Another week…

…and more changes to my view.  Soon, there will be no more pretty leaves to gaze at while I take Tala out for bathroom breaks.   This makes me a little sad, but I’ve been enjoying the gasps of wonder from my children who have never seen seasonal changes like this before.  To them, this is all magical and new.  In Alabama and Texas, when autumn  early winter arrived, the leaves would go from green to brown and just fall off the trees.  None of the pretty transitional stuff you see here.

I hope no one minds that this year I’ve been posting so many scenery pictures.  After almost a decade without, it seems a bit magical to me as well. ♥

Not a Podcast: Episode 6

17Oct2012 from SewKnitpicky on Vimeo.

Kittens, it’s been two weeks since I made a video entry.  This one got a little long at just under 26 minutes.  It gave my computer issues saving it, but I *think* it’s OK.  I watch these through quite a few times throughout the process, and it was looking alright when I skimmed it.  Despite my thoughts at the end of the video, I was neither able to get this up early, nor to attend a knit date: it was cancelled.  I’m hoping the weather holds out next week.  I’m trying to enjoy all of the freedom I can get right now.  Once the Mister leaves for his “business trip,” I’ll be restricted to going out just to the daytime play dates during that time.
I’m still learning how to edit video, so I appreciate the patience with me.  This one isn’t too bad, but a couple of the jumps are fairly jarring.  I *could* play with more effects, but I tend to find them annoying and distracting.  And once again, Vimeo’s preview image makes me look like I am seriously peeved about something.
And in Manda-ese, “early morning” is 10am.  Just in case anyone was wondering.  During a part of this video, I was seriously tempted to make a paper shark and play the Jaws theme.  I’m not sure if such goofiness would be appreciated in a podcast.  I know as I do more of these, the format and tone will evolve with it.  So um, consider yourselves warned: the more comfortable I get with this, the more my quirks will pop up.
Anywho!  Show notes, let me show you them.

Trick or Treat Socks— Aquaphobia Socks by Crystal Flanagan. US size 1.5. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Trick Or Treat. 17 days start to finish. ~ 254yds.
♥ A note about the LL’s: I believe they no longer make the 50g skeins like I used here.  They’re all 100g now. 

Pinkie Pie Socks – Susan B. Anderson
Monkey’s Little Sister – If you look at the back left corner of the video, there on the bookshelf is the purple monkey.  A couple of nights ago, she was renamed to Diamond.  The Girl tells me that the pink monkey’s name is Ruby.  All day she’s been chattering at me about how I’m working on Ruby.  Too Cute.  And since making the video this morning, I finished the second arm and am now working on the feet and legs.  It’s slowly moving.
 Rebecca Danger
Wide Stripes–the never-ending blanket o’ doom.  DOOM!  And uh, sorry about trying to deafen you all.  I think my needles hit the wall as I was trying to show how wide the blanket is.

Soon to Cast-On:
♥  ???  Way too many choices.  The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz was the book I was thinking of.

Stash Flash:
Bad Amy Knits – Etsy shop  (She also sews and sells cute knitting bags.)
Dancing Dog Dyeworks – Etsy shop  (For those wondering about why I said, “‘colorway’ of the month,” it’s because the last two months have had multiple colors up for grabs.  Last month there were 3;  this month was the same when she opened up the new colors.)
DDD Ravelry group

WIP-it Wednesday: 10 October 2012

Kittens!  I am taking a break from the video entries this week to give myself a chance to better organize my notes and maybe have an FO for you next week.  I didn’t finish anything and my current WIPs are not too interesting: it would have been a pretty short boring show. 😉  [And I kinda sorta want to go to a knit date tonight and editing the entries always takes me longer than planned.  So um, hiatus for a week!]

That doesn’t mean I can’t share my WIPs with you, though. ♥

Behold!  You may recognize the Trick Or Treat Socks and see the start of Pinkie Pie socks for my daughter (I started those while meeting a bunch of lovely ladies that all live within BLOCKS of me on post…crazy!).  The brown square is part of a collaborative blanket knit.  I mostly knit socks this week.  This isn’t a bad thing, but socks often have so little to show for them.  Last night, I finally pulled out the Wide Striped Blanket O’ Doom and worked 5 rows of that, and I’ve even been quilting a few lines a day on that languishing bed quilt.  About time too–it’s been cold here already.  I think I see many hand knit/crocheted/sewn blankets in my future.

So that’s been my week: how have you all been?  Keeping warm?