November 2013: wrap-up

Yardage Totals 2013:
January: 869yds
February: 1,038yds
March:  1,100yds
April:  1,251yds
May: 1,112yds
June: 452yds
July: 453yds
August: 169yds
September: 781yds
October: 815yds
November: 780yds

Year To Date: 8,820yds or 5.01 miles

Kittens, I did actually knit a bit more than that in November, but I was sloppy this month and forgot to check the partial tallies on several of my projects.  Instead, they’ll go in with my December numbers and make it look like I was even more productive and amazing!  I slagged off on cross-stitching this month which definitely increased my knitting productivity.  Onward to December. ♥

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