August 2018: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2018:

 January: 1,679yds
February: 1,069yds
March: 2,377yds
April: 3,370yds
May: 1,139yds
June: 1,389yds
July: 526yds
August: 482yds
2018 Totals: 12,031 yds or 6.84miles

The oppressive summer heat has continued, my dear kittens, just as I worried it would.  August was not a month for knitting as a rule; it was filled with a cross-stitch sampler, reading, and various other tasks instead. I did still find time to work on some projects, but I devoted much less than I may have otherwise had the weather been more agreeable. Unfortunately we have been warmer than normal and quite sticky almost every day. It’s starting to feel like the autumn may never get here. We’ve been teased with a nice evening here and there, but nothing consistent so far.

So my knitting took a hit. For as gross as it has been, almost 500 yards of knitting seems like a pretty good amount. Hopefully September will usher in some cooler evenings at least, and having wool in my lap will not feel so gross.

What have you been up to in August? Have you worked on any interesting projects? Do you switch crafts depending on the weather?

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