April 2023: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2023:

 January: 530
February: 293
March: 1087
April: 1102
2023 Totals: 3,012 yds or 1.71 miles

April was another high stress month. Oof.

Chemo, it turns out, was more of a beast than I had anticipated, and it knocked me on my butt longer than I had expected. I’m in for a very sick and unfocused spring and summer.

I still managed to get some crafting done, though, thanks to my lovely friend Kate and her spending so much time chatting with me while I was sick and miserable. I knit my fourth and final hot water bottle sweater, a pair of socks for a sibling, and quite a lot of a sweater for myself—which I ripped upon realizing it’s large in a ridiculous way instead of a stylish, fun one. Oh well. I’m currently figuring out how to fix it so I can recast on and hopefully get it finished in May or June along with at least one other gift project I want to get done.

In 2023, my only yarny goal is to knit something every month. Absolutely did.

So. What about you, kitten? Is your spring/fall crafty and full of making? What have you been working on? Do you have any exciting makes in your future?

Take care of yourselves and each other.


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